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21197556558 90e8317333 b 1 Women’s Kente ClothPurchase comes with:3 Pieces of Kente Cloth. Each one is measured approximately 6 Yards (2 yards x 3 pieces = 6 yards) capable of making women's clothing style.This item is made from high quality kente materials and meets what is termed as “authentic” kente.Made in Ghana Kente Cloth and 100% handwoven items by weavers from Adanwomase and Bonwire.

Kente is woven on a horizontal strip loom, which produces a narrow band of cloth about four inches wide. Several of these strips are carefully arranged and hand-sewn together to create a cloth of the desired size.


Adanwomase, Bonwire, Ewe, Ntonso




3 Pieces


6 Yards


Engagement, Festivals, Naming Ceremonies, Outdooring, Party, Wedding


Blue, Brown, Green, Pink, Red, Silver, Violet, White, Yellow

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