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Adanwomase Visitor Centre has well trained tourist guides.

Not only do these guides assist tourists in touring the community, they also provide support in areas such as accommodation, food, transportation, purchasing, etc.

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Adanwomase has been the most trusted source of Kente cloth to the international markets and same quality that goes into producing the finest Kente fabrics.

Meaning of Kente Cloth Colors

Kente weavers do not just colors for their work. Every color has a meaning.

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We are always happy to hear your honest opinion about our service and the experience that you get at our visitor center!

“I would highly suggest it; the cost now being 5Ghc per person plus 50p for unlimited photos. Another strange thing: this town has garbage cans! In order to get there you actually want to alight at Nkwanta (not Ntonso like the map and book suggest). We aren’t sure whether the name got changed recently, but they dropped us in Nkwanta after we asked for Ntonso and it was the correct place… I believe it was somewhere around 40p per person for the taxi/trotro ride to and from the town”

William Sanders

William Sanders


“At such a short distance away from Kumasi, this is a great village to visit! NOBODY hassles you while in town and the kente weaving tour is a must-see while in country (whether at Adanwomase or not is, I suppose, up to the reader). We got very reasonable souvenirs (Kente strips at 5-8GhC, coin purses for 3GhC, etc) and learned from our informative tour guide, Seth, all about the process”

Linda Moore

Linda Moore


” It was an easy walk to the Visitor’s Centre because of the signboards directing me. It was probably one of the most straightforward trips I have made, without the need for asking anyone for directions. The guide explained to me that this was due to the community based ecotourism which was implemented in the village and the people were taught how to act towards tourists and not to harass them.

Jeremy Watts

Jeremy Watts


Information about Adanwomase

Adanwomase also welcomes tourists, provides guided tours and offers kente for sale. Adanwomase has a population of about 5000, half of whom are involved in the production of kente. Weavers create personal designs and show great pride in their work. In addition to being worn by royalty, kente is used in worship and in ceremonies related to birth, marriage and death.

Men wearing kente
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The Art Behind Kente Weaving in Ghana

It is worn by almost every Ghanaian tribe. The name is derived from the word kenten, which means basket in Akan dialect Asante. Akans refer to kente as nwentoma, meaning woven cloth. Throughout the ages it has become widely acclaimed and accepted by the populace as well as those in the diaspora. Watch how weavers […]

adanwomase senior high entrance
Adanwomse Kente Village

Kente cloth is a legendary fabric worn by African kings down the centuries. The cloth is still made in the traditional way in Adanwomse in the Ashanti region of Ghana. Kente is worn not only for its eye- catching designs but also for its symbolic significance. There are over 300 patterns, each with its own name and […]

Kente cloth leaders pose
Mfufutoma Stool House

This is Black and White cotton hand woven fabric produced from a traditional hand made loom. The finished product “NWENTOMA” comes in various shapes and forms but all in two colors i.e., black and white.

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