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Adanwomase is a town in the Ashanti Region of Ghana located in Kwabre East District. Adanwomase is about 27 kilometers northeast of Kumasi. It is noted for Kente weaving with towns like Bonwire which is about 2 kilometers away. The town is also known for the Adanwomase Secondary School.

Adanwomase Offers range of services to tourists who visit the communtiy. Some of these services are:

Historic Sites

Naming Ceremony

Bush Walk

Learn Kente Weaving

Adanwomase Kente Festival

Adanwomase  visitor center ; Visit the home of quality kente cloth and tourism
Kwabre MP
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Tourists to adanwomase

Naming Ceremony

Traditional naming ceremony For African Diasporas in Adanwomase

Latest kente designs made by people of Adanwomase
Adanwomase Visitor Centre
Since 2005 the Kente town administration has taken a new twist for the better. Through community-based tourism, the ATMT has been formed, which is a town tourism committee working with interested NGOs and the Ghana Tourist Board to bring the beautiful art of hand woven Kente to the outside world. We are happy to receive Tourists from all over the world to Adanwomase to share our craft and hospitality.
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Adanwomase also welcomes tourists, provides guided tours and offers kente for sale. Adanwomase has a population of about 5000, half of whom are involved in the production of kente. Weavers create personal designs and show great pride in their work.  In addition to being worn by royalty, kente is used in worship and in ceremonies related to birth, marriage and death.

Things to Do

  • Begin at the Visitor Centre to arrange your tours and meet your guide.
  • The weaving tour includes a visit to the community kente workshop, where you can try thread spinning, warping and weaving. Then visit village shops selling kente products and other village crafts. (Note: longer workshops with master weavers are also available but must be arranged prior to the day of your visit.) Time: 1 hour. Difficulty: 1
  • Tour the village to see the chief’s palace, the traditional healer’s shrine, the oldest house (300-plus years) a cocoa farm and forest shrine. Time: 45 minutes. Difficulty: 1
  • Take a culinary tour to see farms, Palm wine tapping and to learn how a village cook prepares traditional dishes. Then enjoy tasting (must be arranged prior to day of visit). Time: 1.5 hrs. Difficulty: 1
  • Enjoy evening dancing, drumming and storytelling presented by a village cultural troop (must be arranged prior to day of visit). Time: 1.5 hours.


When to Visit

Visitors are welcome year-round. The village is cooler in the early morning and late afternoon.


Accommodations, Food and Refreshments

The visitor centre has flush toilets. The visitor centre can also arrange home stays or camping sites in the village.

Meals are available from the community cook and can be ordered for and delivered to the Visitor Centre. Liquid refreshments are also available in the village. Hotels are available in Ejisu and Kumasi 19 km away.

Learn Kente Weaving

Tourist Guides

Adanwomase Visitor Centre

Adanwomase has well trained professional tourist guides that take visitors to community, throughout the experience. Hassle free tour can therefore be guaranteed when you book your next visit to Adanwomase.

Popular Kente Categories

Kente weaving has been practised in the community of Adanwomase for more than 400 years. It is currently one of the few locations in Ghana where conventional Kente cloth is still woven using vintage methods that have been handed down through the generations.

Visiting the neighbourhood workshops, where expert weavers create Kente fabric in a variety of hues and patterns, visitors to Adanwomase can observe the complicated weaving process first-hand. Students can discover more about the background, cultural relevance, and social significance of Kente cloth in Ghana.

Adanwomase is renowned for its rich cultural legacy and traditional events in addition to Kente weaving. The Adanwomase Palace, which houses the town’s chief’s mansion and is a popular tourist destination, is located there.

Latest kente designs made by people of Adanwomase
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