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    The function of the five weaving houses of Adanwomase is yet another demonstration of how Kente cloth is connected to the Asante Monarchy.

    The main duties of these five royal weavers as their name implies is to weave for the King of Ashanti. The King’s designs are fundamentally different from the ordinary Kente on the market. They are exclusive designs dating back into centuries; well kept and protected from unauthorized hands.
    To further guarantee the secrecy of these designs the royal weavers are made to swear oath of secrecy punishing the violator with the severest punishment.
    Sesia therefore is the collection box into which all the Kente samples for the King of Ashanti is kept. It is a fascination to view the Sesia but its content is uniquely marvelous.
    Possessing a Sesia is the highest testimony of a royal weaver.
    All the royal weavers have one Sesia each and therefore have access to all the patterns and designs for the royal business. The right to possession therefore becomes the right to weave for the King.

    The duties of these royal weavers do not stop at the royal court, they are also responsible for promoting the industry in their respective families and towns. In all this the Mfufutomahene leads.
    It is the mfufutomahene who liaise between Manhyia Palace and the royal weavers and also promotes and answers to the industry at Adanwomase. It is not uncommon for the royal weavers to be consulted either individually or as a group on matters pertaining to the development of the local industry.
    Coincidentally, three of the four royal weavers besides the Mfufutomahene sit at the court of the chief of Adanwomase in their respective capacities as Kontihene,Nifahene and Gyaasehene. The Mfufutomahene, on the other hand, sits at the King’s Court at Manhyia Palace Kumasi.
    This arrangement creates a link between the kente administration and the town in a perfect harmony.

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