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    Kente cloth is a legendary fabric worn by African kings down the centuries. The cloth is still made in the traditional way in Adanwomse in the Ashanti region of Ghana. Kente is worn not only for its eye- catching designs but also for its symbolic significance. There are over 300 patterns, each with its own name and meaning derived from proverbs, historical events, important chiefs and valuable plants.

    Adanwomse kente village  Adanwomse kente village

    About Adanwomase Kente Village

    Strip weaving has existed in West Africa since the 11thCentury and the village of Adanwomase has been weaving the cloth known today as kente since the 17thCentury. It has served as the royal weaving village for the Asantehene (Asante King).

    Today; Adanwomase also welcomes tourists, provides guided tours and offers kente for sale. Adanwomase has a population of about 5000, half of whom are involved in the production of kente. Weavers create personal designs and show great pride in their work.  In addition to being worn by royalty, kente is used in worship and in ceremonies related to birth, marriage and death.

    Things to Do

    • Begin at the Visitor Centre to arrange your tours and meet your guide.
    • The weaving tour includes a visit to the community kente workshop, where you can try thread spinning, warping and weaving. Then visit village shops selling kente products and other village crafts. (Note: longer workshops with master weavers are also available but must be arranged prior to the day of your visit.) Time: 1 hour. Difficulty: 1
    • Tour the village to see the chief’s palace, the traditional healer’s shrine, the oldest house (300-plus years) a cocoa farm and forest shrine. Time: 45 minutes. Difficulty: 1
    • Take a culinary tour to see farms, Palm wine tapping and to learn how a village cook prepares traditional dishes. Then enjoy tasting (must be arranged prior to day of visit). Time: 1.5 hrs. Difficulty: 1
    • Enjoy evening dancing, drumming and storytelling presented by a village cultural troop (must be arranged prior to day of visit). Time: 1.5 hours.

    When to Visit

    Visitors are welcome year-round. The village is cooler in the early morning and late afternoon.

    Accommodations, Food and Refreshments

    The visitor centre has flush toilets. The visitor centre can also arrange home stays or camping sites in the village.

    Meals are available from the community cook and can be ordered for and delivered to the Visitor Centre. Liquid refreshments are also available in the village. Hotels are available in Ejisu and Kumasi 19 km away.

    Anita Hotel


    7 am to 6 pm daily

    Getting there

    From Accra, take the Accra-Kumasi road turn right at Ejisu and drive 6 km to the Bomfa Junction. Turn left and drive 3 km to turn right at Bonwire, then take the first left to Adanwomase. From Kumasi, drive 19 km north on the Mampong Rd., turn right at Asonomaso Nkwanta and travel 5.5 km to Adanwomase. For public transportation, board an Adanwomase tro-tro at the G line in Kumasi’s Kejetia Station.

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