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    Mfufutoma; This is Black and White cotton hand woven fabric produced from a traditional hand made loom. The finished product “NWENTOMA” comes in various shapes and forms but all in two colors i.e., black and white. Both the warp pattern and the geometrical designs in the strip remained only black and white cotton yarns until weavers became more innovative at a later date and added other colors to the fabric. Even then the warp pattern still remained black and white. Historically therefore “nwentoma” (or for lack of better word) KENTE began as a predominantly black and white cotton fabric the raw material for the finished products.

    It is therefore historically and culturally very significant that Adanwomase Kente Stool House bears the title MFUFUTOMAHENE stool. Literally translated the head of the Kente industry in Adanwomase and the head of the royal weavers for the King of Asante. The evolution of “nwentoma” to Kente as a name only changed the name for some section of the consumer public but the form and essence remains the same.

    The authority bestowed on the members of the Mfufutoma Stool House as the rightful occupants of the stool dates back 300years ago. Master weavers and risk taking enterprising members of this family namely Nana Kwadwo Gwira and Nana Amankwaah successively became the royal weavers for the King of Ashanti and the occupants of the Mfufutoma Stool through the years
    The mfufutoma stool house is therefore the ancestral and the spiritual home of the Kente industry in Adanwomase, the home of Asante kente industry.

    The Yaa Asantewaah war is a landmark period for Asante history. In the early part of the C20th., the then King of Ashanti was exiled. When he returned from exile Nana Prempeh 1 found time to visit Adanwomase to see his royal weavers. It was this stool house that he visited to add grace and honor to Adanwomase Kente. We have always been royal weavers and an important contributor to the Ashanti monarcy.

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